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Catering Truck

Mobile Vending trucks have experienced tremendous growth in recent years. Low start-up costs coupled with the ability to serve unique quality food items has made this industry shine even in the current economic climate. Mobile concessions range in great variety from complex all in one food trucks that have been seen in different areas of town to small concession stands that are towed by a separate vehicle commonly found at fairs and carnivals. There is a mobile vending option to fit your business plan. The mobile concession network is dedicated to providing information and insight into the type of truck, trailer, or stand that is the best fit to get your vending business of the ground.
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Concession Trailers

Concession Trailer

Similar to food trucks, concession trailers can be outfitted with restaurant and cooking equipment needed to prepare and serve various types of food. Concession trailers are designed to be towed by a separate stand-alone vehicle. Trailers can range in size from small with minimal equipment to very large fully functional kitchens.
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Ice Cream Trucks

Fios Ice Cream Truck Mobile Billboard

Ice Cream Trucks are specially designed food trucks or vans built with the purpose of selling frozen goods. Novelty ice cream trucks that sell prepackaged frozen products can be designed with freezers that do not require a generator greatly reducing start-up costs. Ice cream trucks that can sell both novelty products and soft serve are a bit more expensive, however can sell more products with generators that are able to store frozen products for long periods of time and run soft serve machines. It doesn't stop with ice cream. Snow cones, soda, other frozen treats can all be served; all it takes is an idea to get you out there selling your product.
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